The Functional Business Model of the 990 Company

The 990 Company provides a genuinely unique way of listing real estate properties for sale. They’ve been in business for over 25 years and during this time, the listing services has satisfied clients by protecting the homeowner’s financial interest. Instead of paying standard real estate commissions, the 990 Company as the name implies, charges a flat rate of $990, with nothing due upfront.

Finding a clear way to communicate how a home for sale differs from other properties requires a creative visionary. The founder of The 990 Company, Greg Hague and his partner select only experienced, full-time realtors, people who know the business and have earned a reputation as being top sellers in the industry. The realtors are then specially trained in preparing the customer’s listing for major outlets; these include MLS listing, Zillow, Trulia and These listings are created in addition to photo brochures, print advertising and other forms of online advertising.

Greg Hague is an Arizona lawyer, with extensive experience as an entrepreneur and business consultant. He shares the knowledge obtained during his 41 year real estate career to guide other top-notched realtors to become consistent million dollars per year income earners.

The 990 sells homes program established by The 990 Company has helped homeowners save thousands while selling their homes in a very short time. One property sold in six days, the company specializes in the assisting homeowners, specifically, FSBO (For Sale by Owner) listings.

Greg Hague and The 990 Company have been most successful. The company shows high-achieving real estate agents how to capitalize on maximize property listings. Although, sellers reap benefits from listing their “For Sale by Owner” properties, the program is geared towards realtors and teaching them how to make the most of multiple properties. The criterion for real estate agents is area specific and only one agent is allowed per zip code in any given state.

The real estate marketplace is teeming with so called, “super agents” that make claims of selling massive amounts of properties monthly. But only Greg Hague and The 990 Company provide a proven system that actually works. He teaches agents how to maximize their monthly income, tenfold. The primary focus of The 990 Company’s program is as a business model, working with agents that are interested in becoming real estate entrepreneurs.

The 990 Company helps both consumers and realtors. Consumers, who list their home for sale, save money over traditional real estate commissions. However, the overall purpose of The 990 Company is to teach high-achieving real estate agents how to earn the distinction as a “Top Dollar” Agent, namely earning 1 million dollars every year, something that Mr. Hague managed to do successfully for ten straight years.

Optimistic Outlook for the Future of California Skiing

Climate change and the California drought have certainly impacted the ski seasons in Northern California. In a recent interview on KCRW “Press Play with Madeleine Brand”, Ms. Brand discussed the changes being made with Squaw Valley Ski Holdings CEO, Andy Wirth. Madeleine pressed hard to get a clear understanding of what climate change and less snow mean for the future of the ski industry. However, Mr. Wirth not only understands the business aspects of the resort world, but as a former wilderness ranger and the grandson of a National Park Service Director, he is aware of the environmental impact as well. Despite the cut in water resources and less snowfall, he maintained a positive outlook for the coming years.
During the interview, Wirth acknowledged that the past few winters have been tough, but was also quick to point out to Ms. Brand that things are still profitable. Even with the predicted “El Nino” weather occurence, it appears that the general consensus is that there will likely be more years of less snowfall. Despite this, the resorts are planning and being proactive by offering diverse activities for their customers. In addition, Mr. Wirth spoke of the increase in technologies for snow making and managing the good snow that does fall. With this, he implied that skiers will continue to find Squaw Valley as a solid skiing destination.
Having had 25 years of industry experience and a family background centered around the environment, Mr. Wirth appears competent and confident in his role as CEO. To overcome the hype and impending doom created by the media, Wirth used facts to back up his optimism. He clearly exhibited a genuine knowledge of the benefits of careful planning, the science behind environment, and what it takes to take advantage of every opportunity provided in order to allow the tourist industry such as Squaw Valley, to weather the storm of a changing climate.

Messi’s Big Mistake With Gabon

According to The Telegraph Lionel Messi, a very popular Barcelona soccer player, made a huge mistake by going to the country of Gabon. Lionel Messi is world renowned for being a star player on the Barcelona team. The human rights foundation has criticized him for a trip that he took to Gabon on 17 July. This star player claims to be showing enthusiastic support for the dictatorship that has currently been going on in that country. The president of Gabon is Ali Bongo and has been been accused of atrocious acts in the country. Gabon is a very small central African country and the Bongo family has been serving as political leaders ever since 1967.

According to the human rights foundation, the Bongo family has exerted complete and total control over the politics, economics, and the society of Gabon since that time. The worst accusation against this Gabonese president is that he and his high-ranking colleagues have been involved in atrocious murders of children in order to do a ritual. It is stated that these political leaders kidnapped and sacrificed children each year in order to perform a rituals of cannibalism to maintain the power and the money in the country. Even though this seems like it is something unheard of to me, in reality there have been thousands of people that have gone to human rights because of those atrocities. Apart from that, the president has been accused of many other atrocious scandals, and the French police have raided his villa in France because of those accusations.

It is not known if the Barcelona and star player knew about any of the scandal that was associated with the president. Lionel Messi is an avid supporter of children’s rights, and he even serves as an ambassador of the UNICEF in order to promote the education of youth. Human rights activists are very disappointed with the star player, because this country has committed many asked against human rights.

Apart from the atrocious behavior of the president of Gabon, Messi was also criticized by others because of his attire when he went to meet the dictator. Messi showed up in ripped shorts and a T-shirt and in that way he showed a severe lack of respect for the political leader and apart from that he has shown a lack of respect for the country.

Is a Spinal Surgery Center right for you?

Back and neck pain can be debilitating. The pain can begin for many reasons, but once it begins the pain usually only increases. Eventually the pain, will get to point where it is time to see a doctor. Finding the correct doctor can be complicated. The first place to begin is a family practitioner, or a chiropractor. If the pain is due to a misalignment or sprained muscle, they can help. However, if the pain is not cause by something minor, a specialist is needed. There are so many different types of specialists, finding the right one is overwhelming. Once you find the correct type of specialist, that specialist might not be able to help because they do not specialize in the cause of your pain. This is where spinal surgery centers come in. Spinal surgery centers are clinics that partner with physicians with a variety of specialty training. Physicians with training in Orthopedic Spine Surgery, Pain Management, and Neurosurgery are found in one clinic.

Specialty centers can be found in every state. These centers provide a variety of services. Before visiting a spinal surgery center be sure to speak with them about your pain first or diagnosis first. This will ensure you do not waste your time at a center that cannot treat you. They may also refer you to a place that can help. However most centers treat a large variety of issue. Most will also complete a full review of your diagnosis before recommending a treatment or performing a procedure. If a procedure is needed they are outpatient surgery. This mean you get to go home the same day. The treatments are also noninvasive.

Yelp users warn not all centers offer the same services or treatment. Spinal surgery centers in the United States usually have a specialty procedure that they excel at. There are also procedure that may be exclusively offered at a certain clinic. Depending on your chronic pain, an out of state procedure might be worth the trip. The AccuraScope DND procedure is one of those sought after procedures that is only offered by North American Spine is Dallas, Texas. North American Spine is a leader in noninvasive spinal procedures. The physicians are spine experts in Orthopedic Spine Surgery, Neurosurgery, and Interventional Pain Management. North American Spine’s innovative evolution of common precedes allows them to offer t offer true noninvasive spinal procedures that can resolve pain immediately. The AccuraScope DND is one of those innovative procedure. The procedure used a natural opening, sacral hiatus, to enter the spinal canal. Physicians use a scope to directly see the damaged and inflamed tissue that causes pain. This procedure allows multiple lumbar levels to be treated with a single incision. The AccuraScope DND is a one of a kind procedure. Many patients claim to have felt instant relief.

If you suffer from chronic back and neck pain you can find the help you need at a spinal surgery center. Just be sure to do your research first. You may find a fantastic local center, or you may decide to travel to a different state.

A Place Where International Hearts Connect

International online dating is becoming increasingly more popular in the global and technological world that we live in. Russia is no exception to that. The interest of American women and men looking for love outside the national border is a popular endeavor and sites like help to facilitate the joining of international hearts. offers helpful tips, live chats, cam share, correspondence services, virtual gifts, and opportunities to connect by phone with a Russian love interest with the help of an interpreter.

Started by an American-Russian couple the founders of the site know first hand the challenges that can be conquered and the misunderstandings that can be avoided by making oneself familiar with the Russian culture as it pertains to dating.

Russian men and women take dating more seriously than their American counterparts. They tend to be less casual and it is understood from the beginning that they are dating in order to find a relationship that will lead to marriage. Their cultural upbringing lends them to believe that one should not be overly friendly with someone that they do not know well; it is considered to be an act of disrespect. Russian men and women expect to be treated with courtesy and manners.

Dressing up for a first date is expected and an odd number of roses is seen as a sincere gesture. Cussing is considered to be unacceptable behavior, the man is expected to pay, and women do not engage in conversations about politics. Drinking socially is an accepted way of life in Russia. Personal space is not something that Russians generally value, therefore, Russians tend to stand much closer to people when engaging in a conversation. Many Russian men smoke cigarettes.

Russians generally still believe in the traditional roles of women and men. They believe that the main role of the man is to provide and that the main role of a woman is to tend to the house, the cooking, and the children. Russian society tends to overlook infidelity by men.

It is wise to be aware of cultural practices and beliefs while still keeping an open heart to the prospect of romance. Russians are still individual people and all relationships whether international or not demand compromise, communication, patience, and empathy. offers an ideal way to search for a Russian soul mate, to get to know them and to be able to work out any cultural differences.

The Right Provider For Mobile Wireless Service

What type of mobile wireless service are you planning for your home or office? The vast majority of residences have services from AT&T or Comcast but this certainly isn’t your only option. This article takes a look at some of the basic building systems of a mobile plan that you, your family or business can consider. For every option, take a look at such considerations as features, price and availability suitable for your needs.

If you have already selected a plan, you are almost there. Most mobile wireless service providers work with basic plan, then offer advanced package and move on to highly sophisticated plan combination. This is what they are in the business for. The only difference is cost, speed and reliability that differs from one provider to another and depends on your requirements. Trying to convince the provider to build a plan exclusively for your needs rarely makes sense. Not so with companies like FreedomPop. Because with Sprint or Clearwire that FreedomPop is associated with, you can get a plan that is in your imagination. If you are convinced that you must have a free mobile phone with a selected plan, you will get one with this provider.

Mobile hotspots are fun to deal and work with when you are using FreedomPop related gadgets. Your provider will pack fast internet access to your mobile device here so you can stay connected whenever you want or wherever you go. Now with the proliferation of mobile technologies like 4G data, mobile hotspot is even more interesting and convincing. Anyone with $100 can pick up a suitable device that works with this technology for a small cost or even for free. You can turn your smartphone into a hotspot so you don’t have to buy a separate device for the purpose. In essence, there are so many options to choose from when you are considering FreedomPop for your mobile phones and gadgets.

FreedomPop in conjunction with Sprint offers 512MB of mobile broadband for free. There is however a small refundable deposit for every device you choose unless you have bought that device from the official website with promotional code. Best of all, there are other features offered from this company such as money back, additional data and so on when you sign up for insurance or complete a survey. In addition, you can also earn extra data around 500MB by referring others to this service. Plans start at $10 a month for 1GB data and move on to $60 a month for 10GB. There are special offers for casual users such as $18 per month plan that includes 2GB data and various other extras.

About FreedomPop

FreedomPop is a well-known mobile wireless phone and internet service provider based in Los Angeles CA. The company provides quality text, voice and data service to ISPs like Clearwire and Sprint. It also sells various devices that can be used with the above mentioned services, such as tablets, cell phones, broadband devices, modems and much else.

Who Does Joseph Bismark Believe In?

When it comes to the business world, there are some who I think would succeed and some who I think shouldn’t even try to make it. There are some who seem like they are made to be in the business world and to lead that kind of a life, and then there are some who just don’t seem like they would ever be able to make it. I have a hard time believing that everyone has the opportunity to succeed, but I need to learn from Joseph Bismark and allow myself to believe that anyone and everyone is capable of great things when they really try.

According to a post on Come On Valerie, Joseph Bismark believes that everyone who really tries has the power to make it in the business world. This man thinks that those who really try to succeed in the business world will be able to make it. I need to learn from Joseph Bismark. I need to put more faith in my fellow man. I need to believe that those who don’t seem like they would be able to make it in the business world really do have the power to make it if they really try hard and want to succeed.

Napping May Help Increase Frustration Tolerance and Control Implusive Behavior

Naps may be able to increase an individual’s tolerance of frustration and reduce impulsive behavior, according to a recent study done by researchers.

The study, which was published in Personality and Individual Differences was small, done with 40 test subjects. Each subject slept normally for three nights prior to the study. The participants were then asked to take a series of tests on the computer that tested frustration tolerance by presenting an unsolvable puzzle. The participants were then asked to take a survey on impulsivity, sleepiness and mood.

After the initial test, beneful on wiki subjects were divided into two groups. One group of participants watched a nature video for an hour, while the second group took an hour-long nap. After the process, participants were again tested.

Participants who reported that they napped for at least part of the time were found to be able to work on the unsolvable task for longer periods of time, while those who did not nap gave up on the task sooner. In the follow-up survey, those who had napped also reported less impulsivity than non-nappers.

Though the study was small and was done on only college students, researchers believe that it may lead to larger studies that test just how important naps can be to overall well-being. Further studies that utilize electronic devices that measure sleep and wakefulness precisely may also be used in order to determine the health benefits of naps.

Prescription Drugs and The Dark Web

It is no secret that the pharmaceutical companies are out to make money. When people without healthcare need prescriptions filled they often find themselves emptying their wallets, and lately even their bank accounts. Ricardo Tosto (ricardotostooficial) knows that sometimes even having a health care plan isn’t enough to ensure a good deal at the pharmacy. What happens when someone needs a prescription filled to save their life, but they can’t afford it? They turn to the dark web.

Recently a man posted a story about his severely asthmatic wife and her need for a very expensive inhaler. He said that his wife’s asthma is so bad that she could die without her inhaler. The cost that they must pay to keep her alive is 300 dollars, every inhaler. The worst part he said, is that they actually have insurance. So he turned to the web to see if he can get it a reasonable price. He found it for only 30 dollars. The problem is that buying it over the internet is illegal and could result in fines and possible jail time.

His story has touched the nerves of many people who also want to know, what else are they supposed to do? There has to be a change sometime soon in concern of the price gouging. If there is not people are going to be reading about their friends and neighbors being arrested, simply for trying to stay alive.

High Blood Pressure Reduces Alzheimer’s Risk

Who would have thought that anything good could come from having high blood pressure? No one, until a recent study discovered that there is a silver lining behind the high blood pressure cloud.
Brigham University researchers discovered that people with high blood pressure have a significantly reduced risk of developing Alzheimer’s as they age. It’s not the blood pressure itself that reduces the risk factor, but the medication taken to lower high blood pressure that helps stave off the brain disorder.
Folks at Boraie Development know that Professor John Kauwe led the study and suggests that drugs which have already been approved by the Federal Drug Administration for use to treat high blood pressure should be looked at from a different perspective. Approved hypertension drugs may have a secondary use as treatment to prevent Alzheimer’s.
As the most common form of dementia, Alzheimer’s effects over five million people in the United States, and an estimated 700, 000 of those people will die this year because of the brain disorder. The discovery linking high blood pressure medication and Alzheimer’s prevention, a new treatment may soon be on the horizon to help reduce the number of people who develop this disease.