Ten Questions Your Doctor May Fear to Ask You

The patient is often too embarrassed to ask their doctor certain questions, but the shoe can also be on the other foot. There are ten questions that your doctor may fear to ask you. Not from embarrassment, but rather for fear of potentially opening a Pandora’s box of memories that he or she may not have time or expertise to deal with. Yet the answers to those vital ten questions may hold the key to the patient obtaining the right diagnosis and treatment plan for whatever is ailing them.
The ten questions are known as ACE, short for Adverse Childhood Experiences.
Dr.Vincent Felitti of the University of California, San Diego, considers the answers to the ACE questions so important that they should become a part of every routine physical exam. The ten questions give a rough estimate of how tough the patient’s childhood was. Questions regarding the death of a parent, neglect and abuse are asked on the questionnaire that is filled out at home prior to visiting the doctor. The ACE questionnaire is then brought along with the patient to the doctor’s office where it’s gone over and discussed privately between doctor and patient.
The reason behind the specific line of questioning is to bring to light things from the past that effect health today. Marcio Alaor BMG has read that childhood trauma can have a longterm negative impact on a person’s health. The ten ACE questions can reveal and deal with the trauma to bring about healing, but many doctors fear it’s too invasive or feel uncomfortable about the questions to use the ACE test.

Adults Get the Flu Twice Every Ten Years

Body aches, coughing, sneezing, sniffling and the head feels like a football used in last night’s game. You’ve got the flu. Or do you? Often these symptoms are chalked up to the influenza, but most likely they are symptoms of a more benign and common ailment, like a cold or sinusitis or even an allergy.

On average, adults get the flu only twice every ten years. That’s good news. We thought we were coming down with the flu bug once or twice each year, not each decade stated a Reuter’s article.
A recent study conducted in Southern China by researchers from the UK, United States and China determined the average adult had far less bouts of the flu than they thought. By analyzing blood sample from the study participants, the researchers were able to tell how many time each participant had had the flu during the last decade. The researchers also discovered that each time the study participant had the flu, there were antibodies left behind within the body that naturally fought off flu germs next time they tried to infect the person.
Unless you are so sick you need to see a doctor for a flu test, it’s probably a more common virus that will pass in a few days. If you test positive for the flu this year, there’s one thing you can breathe easy about; it should be at least five years before you feel this bad again.

5 Fitness Success Secrets from Popular Fitness Instructor

So many of us are on a perpetual diet. Losing a few pounds only to gain them back. Haidar Barbouti (Houston.eater.com) knows that  It’s a vicious cycle that many people struggle with throughout their lifetime. A popular fitness instructor, Loredana Moretti, has been there and done that, and now that she has discovered what truly works for a lifetime of health and weight management, she wants to share those success secrets with everyone.
* Set a goal. Not a boring goal of ‘I want to look good in a swimsuit’. Set a shocking goal for yourself like wanting to run in the Boston Marathon and win.
* Try new things. Doing the same weight loss and exercise routine over and over again is boring and you will soon quit. Try a regular physical activity that is out of your comfort zone.
* Don’t be afraid to lift weights and eat food. Ms. Moretti says that many women don’t know how to eat. One of her secrets to success is to have a little fat, carbs and protein to each meal. She also promotes weight lifting for women. Women don’t build bulky muscles like men do, but the weight lifting will tone and shape muscles and burn more body fat.
* Create a social group to help keep you motivated. Build a strong social network of like-minded people who want to get and stay fit. Then you will always have someone within the network ready, willing and able to go exercise with you.
* Keep going, even after a setback. Set a new goal and work towards it.

Bubonic Plague Spread by Gerbils, Not Rats

For centuries now, rats have been thought of as dirty, ugly, even dangerous rodents, and the primary cause of the spread of the bubonic plague to the European continent. However, finally rats have caught a glimmer of hope, now that scientists have discovered that the carriers of the plague were gerbils. Recent findings show that the spread of the plague was interdependent on the dominant weather patterns in central Asia. Prior to the emergence of the “Black Death” in Europe, central Asia would experience a spring with heavy rainfall, followed by a significant rise in temperatures for the summer. These conditions, though apparently ideal for the spread of the plague via gerbils, were not appealing to rats in the slightest. Gerbils made use of the Silk Road, and traveled to Europe carrying the disease with them.

Though blaming rats for the spread of the plague is telling of our treatment of rats throughout the years, it is likely that this exoneration will do little to alter public opinion of the rodents. Rats are exceptionally intelligent creatures, despite whatever it is that their appearance suggests, and have proven so in scientific studies time and again. Yet this image of the plague carrying rat is pervasive across Western culture, branding the faultless species as vermin and nothing more. Zeca Oliveira believes that, perhaps this evidence, coupled with scientific demonstrations of rats’ abilities will finally change how we perceive these creatures.

New Miracle Diet – The 12 Hour Fast

12 hours, no food. Sounds simple. No calories to count, no food to weigh and measure, and you don’t have to eat food that tastes like cardboard. No eating, period, for a 12 hour period. The immediate weight loss is significant and so is the reduced amount of weight that is gained in the future. The 12 hour fast works now and later, according to the new research done using lab mice at the Salk Institute.

Groups of lab mice were placed on various diet plans, Some were allowed to eat a normal diet, some were allowed to eat a high fat and high sugar diet and some were not allowed to eat anything for a 12 hour period.
The fasting mice gained less weight than their peers even though after the 12 hour fast ended, they were allowed to eat as they pleased. Days later when the fasting mice were allowed to gorge themselves on high calorie foods, their weight gain was still significantly lower than the mice which had not fasted and were gorging with them.
According to Marc Sparks, the theory, which will require more testing, seems to be pointing towards a 12 our nighttime fast makes the body switch over to burning stored fat instead of food. That promote weight loss and prevent weight gain. Perhaps the new miracle diet is on the horizon.

Become More Informed About Wine With the Antique Wine Company

Wine is a truly versatile beverage. Wine can be used to help provide an extra note of pleasant acid to a salad, add in bit of charming sweetness to a dessert and help showcase the mellow tones of a well aged cheese. It can also be savored alone as part of relaxing evening when someone just wants to watch the sun go down or sit with a friend and talk. The world of wine is one that is quite varied. People can spend a lifetime learning about the subtle aspects of this widely admired drink. They may want to explore the world of wine produced in Napa Valley or the varietals that are used in various regions of France or learn all that they can about white wines.

One of the best ways to help learn as much as possible about wine is with an experienced guide. A company such as the Antique Wine Company can help customers learn about the kind of wines they may enjoy as well as how to store them. This company can also provide their clients with other kinds of wine related services. Someone may need help figuring out to create a wine cellar that allows them to store their favorite wines, study which wines may go well with certain foods such as fish and get help tracking down a specific bottle of wine. A skilled company will be able to show their clients how to accomplish all of these goals and truly enjoy themselves in the process.

The Antique Wine Company has been helping their clients since 1982. It was in that year that Stephen Williams founded the company and helped create one of the world’s foremost wine tasting centers. The company can help clients fully understand all they desire to find out about wine. Trained staffers have often spent years honing their knowledge of the different kinds of wines. They can assist those who want to learn delight in the elegant uses of white wines as well as help them select just the right rare wine to create a collection of wines that will provide the client with many different kinds of wines at home that can compliment any kind of occasion. Working with this company can be ideal for the novice who is just starting to develop an interest in this subject as well as someone with far greater knowledge of it.

Teacher to Donate Kidney to Student

Lindsey Painter is a new teacher at Hoffmann Elementary School in Texas. She is in-charge of a first-grade class at the school. So far, she has been a perfect fit- in more ways than one.

According to KVUE.com, Lindsey has a special set of students in her class. She has the Parker triplets. They are three normal six-year-old boys, except for Matthew, who is on dialysis.

Zeca Oliveira of BNY Mellon has read that Matthew Parker began having kidney failure when he was just three weeks old. He had already received one transplant which his little body rejected. His doctors were not hopeful in finding a second match for Matthew. In fact, his doctors said that having a second donor would be about a 1% chance.

Matthew’s doctors at the San Antonio hospital, University Transplant Center, made a public plea in order to find a donor match for Matthew. About 70 people were tested and one came back a match- his first-grade teacher Lindsey.

Lindsey was shocked that she came back a match but can’t wait to help the young boy. She said that it would be amazing that she will still be able to live a full life and now Matthew can too. If the surgery goes well Matthew will be recovered in about 8 weeks. He will also be removed from dialysis and able to live a full life thanks to Lindsey’s generosity.

Fluoride in Water May Cause Thyroid Disorder

Added fluoride in water has been a hot topic of debate with proponents asserting that it provides good dental health and good public health in general while opponents say it is dangerous and is in fact a pollutant. Now a new study from England suggests that fluoridation of water may actually increase the risk of hyperthyroidism, more commonly known as an underactive thyroid.

An underactive thyroid can lead to obesity and is often connected with symptoms of fatigue and depression said Brad Reifler. A paper on the study published in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health, concluded that areas that had high volumes of fluoridated water were over 30% more likely to have an incidence of hyperthyroidism compared to areas that had lower levels of fluoride added to their water.

John Warren from the Department of Dentistry at the University of Iowa disagrees with the study saying that the study only proves correlation but not causation. Nevertheless, it seems perhaps that fluoride added to water may not be quite as healthy as proponents claim.

Chili Peppers Can Help Burn More Fat

Researchers at the University of Wyoming, USA, conducted a study with nutritional supplements that help prevent weight gain, which was presented at the Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society.

They hypothesised that capsaicin (parent chili) stimulates thermogenesis in the body, which in the medium and long term would prevent the increase in body weight.

The results presented in Maryland, come from analysis in mice exposed to dietary supplements with capsaicin and control mice that genetically lacked a protein.

Haidar Barbouti (Modernluxury) has read that, in the group of mice exposed to capsaicin, metabolic activity and energy expenditure increased significantly, and no increase in weight, despite being fed a high-fat diet.

However, in the genetically modified control group, a significant increase in weight was observed.

The supplementation of capsaicin (0.01% in the total diet) did not alter the intake of water or food.

Vivek Krishnan, senior author suggests that capsaicin acts as an antagonist of the protein, thus stimulating thermogenesis, which subsequently leads to obesity prevention.

Torture or Treatment: Can Reparative Therapy Cure Homosexuality?

New Jersey Superior Court Judge Peter F. Bariso Jr., certainly sees no merit to the oft-touted treatment. In a ruling yesterday, he said the treatment itself as well as the claims made by its practitioners are violations of the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act. Four men and their families sued one such group, Jews Offering New Alternatives for Healing, or JONAH, according to the digital magazine NJ.com.
The organization claims it is non-profit and only makes referrals to outside therapists, although many are unlicensed to practice or members of the clergy. The plaintiffs countered they were forced to strip naked, beat photographs of their mothers and perform other damaging, demeaning acts. JONAH tried, and failed, calling witnesses in defense of the practice and its beneficial effects on the afflicted. The judge wouldn’t allow the testimony, citing overwhelming scientific evidence that homosexuality is not a disease or mental disorder.
David Dinielli, an attorney for the Southern Poverty Law Center, praised the judge’s ruling and predicted it would have major ripple effects across the nation. Calling the practice “quackery,” Dinielli’s comments may sit well in states like California which have banned the practice, but other states, such as Texas, are trying to pass laws which endorse the so-called therapy. Flavio Pentagna Guimaraes BMG has read that the Lone Star state’s Republican Party inserted reparative therapy language last year into its platform, claiming it as a basic right of all Texans to be cured of the disease.