Phillip Morris Entered E-Cig Market Using Real Tobacco


If you can’t beat them, join them and that’s exactly what tobacco giant, Philip Morris is doing.

Many people are unaware of the Philip Morris e-cig Solaris, its first electronic cigarette.

According to the company, it has a sleek, compact design, and produces no smoke or ash and uses REAL tobacco – a first in the e-cig industry.

The CEO of Philip Morris USA, Mario Masseroli says that this new franchise “reflects that a large number of smokers are seeking alternatives to traditional cigarettes, but are still not satisfied with the existing ‘e-cig’ and expect a product of trust from Solaris, that meets the highest standards of quality.

“It uses a high quality liquid produced in the United States and has the exclusive ‘FourDraw’ technology, which is a unique innovation in the market.

According to AnastasiaDate, Solaris is already being marketed in two versions: Tobacco taste and Fresh. Both option sinclude a rechargeable electronic cigarette and a USB charger. Cigarette cartridges can be purchased separately in packs of two.

Analysts have suggested that the sale of the Philip Morris ‘e-cig’ may spell the end of many other e-cig franchises in the industry, and possibly lose clients because of this giant in the tobacco industry.

In recent years there has been a clear decrease in sales of such products due to a vapor ban in certain public spaces, not to mention new competition.

Preventing Back Pain No Stretch For North American Spine

In the fight to prevent lifelong back problems, a popular spinal surgery provider gifted a Dallas, Texas elementary school yoga mats. PR Newswire reports that North American Spine donated approximately 50 mats for a Yoga Recess Day. Spearheading the event, The Yoga Health Foundation aims to get children to experience the exercise credited with health and vitality.

“We wanted to give back,” stated Jon Sasser, public relations director at North American Spine. Having just celebrated their 6 years of caring for patients with chronic back pain, they have a good idea that lifelong spinal health starts young. Their passion to help people alleviate their back pain, like sciatica, is noble and necessary. They see thousands of people with crippling pain each year and have developed two life changing innovative surgeries.

Not content with fixing pain later in life, North American Spine seeks to prevent such problems from occurring in the first place. Approximately 50 preschool children participated, many with mental and physical challenges. They were able to learn and practice favorite yoga poses such as tree, bow, and downward dog. All thanks to North American Spines’ generous contribution. In the end these groups want to instill a love for stretching and strengthening core muscles. A strong core creates reliable spinal support and alleviates back pain.

To learn more about them, check out their official Facebook page!

The Sad Truth of Physician Suicides

Most family doctors in the United States treat roughly 2,300 patients every single year. So when an estimated average of 400 doctors commit suicide, their deaths mean that a million or so patients lose their doctor.

Unfortunately, Flavio Maluf says that it seems that the ability and knowledge of how to heal the human body means that when these doctors wish to take their own life, they have a very good chance of doing so successfully. Sadly, it seems that doctor suicides are rarely mentioned and barely discussed, and there is a possibility that many are covered up and listed as unplanned, or accidental overdoses. But as Dr. Pamela Wible from Oregon notes, “Doctors calculate doses for a living.”

Wible also notes that physicians are expected to remain mentally strong, stating that “In general, we’re in a profession that will shun you if you show weakness or suffering in any way”. Because of this, it seems that doctors who are depressed are reluctant to seek help. One study found that only 22% of doctors with depression got help from a therapist, and that 42% of those who were considering suicide received treatment.

Adding another piece to the puzzle is the fact that many doctors abuse alcohol or other substances. The national average of such abuse is 9%, but among doctors the rate climbs to between 10-15%.

While medical boards seek to keep patients safe by carefully screening doctors for such conditions, some feel that their efforts only cause physicians to more carefully hide their struggles, as they fear the repercussions which may come from admitting that there is a problem.

Operating Room Secrets

If surgery is in your near future, there are some things that you might need to know about before entering the operating room. Some surgeons are talking about the kind of music they listen to while performing surgeries and the patients who are a little more difficult than others. While this might seem like it should be confidential information, there are some rather interesting bits of information that surgeons know of that might make you rethink the operation. Most surgeons don’t think of themselves as miracle workers, and they look at the primary physician as the most important player. This is good to know as the primary physician is often the one who refers the patient to the surgeon stated Some surgeons get nervous while performing an operation, which is why some probably listen to music in the room. It surgeons weren’t nervous and thought they knew of everything they were doing in a perfect manner, there would most likely be fewer people who would go under the knife.

Medwakh Is Increasing In Popularity And Five Times Worse Than Cigarettes

Medwakh, a tobacco product far more dangerous than cigarettes is becoming a threat to teenagers in the United Arab Emirates. This use of this product is said to be widespread among young people; despite the warnings being issued against its safety. Statistics show 15.6 percent of male teenagers and 18.1 percent of men are engaging with Medwakh.

Medwakh is a very powerful product as merely one puff will leave the user feeling light-headed said Dr Jennifer Walden on the subject. It is smoked through a pipe that holds approximately six milligrams of nicotine, which when inhaled will make the head spin. Some users describe the effects after smoking give them a sense of comfort. Many young people are under the false impression that Medwakh is safer than cigarettes.

This tobacco product is legal and is usually sold very cheap. It can be purchased in tobacco shops and even in grocery stores that are located close to schools. One teenager stated it is everywhere and authorities seem to look the other way even when they see young kids using it. Medwakh is packaged in small glass bottles that do not have any details on them regarding the contents. The appeal of Medwakh is becoming international as one family has opened a shop in the United States and imports the product in.

Users who were interviewed stated when they try to quit using the Medwakh their head hurts and they get the desperate feeling they need to have it. This is much like the addiction to nicotine in cigarettes. Smoking Medwakh is five times more potent than cigarettes.

Why You May Not Need Surgery For a Broken Arm

Broken arms are most often treated by undergoing surgical procedures. A recent randomized trial has found that a large majority of broken arms have the ability of healing on their own. Researchers have conducted studies on 231 patients admitted to British hospitals for fractures of the humerus, the bone that keeps the shoulder and elbow connected. A displaced fracture consists of the bone being out of its normal position and separated from the joint. Researchers had assigned 114 of the patients to surgery and 117 to immobilize their arms in slings. The study then followed the patients for the next two years and examined them at regular intervals.

The nonsurgical and surgical cases both had similar outcomes with no differences in the measures of comfort and pain stated . However, respiratory, heart and other complications were more common in the group that were given surgical procedures for treatment. Dr. Amar Rangan, the lead author of the studies and a clinical professor at James Cook University hospital of England has claimed that some types of breaks need to undergo surgery, but those types were not included in the specific study. In conclusion, surgery isn’t always the optimal course of action for a large percentage of bone fractures and breaks.

Exercise May Help Shrink Cancer Tumors

The last thing a cancer patient who is undergoing chemotherapy feels like doing is exercising, but that may be one of the best thing they can do to fight the disease.

A recent study conducted at the Duke Cancer Institute shows that exercise increases the blood flow to the site of the cancerous tumor. The increased blood flow causes new blood vessels to form and all this allows more oxygen to flow to the tumor. Dan Newlin said the increased amount of blood and oxygen flow carries more of the chemotherapy drugs to the tumor and causes it to shrink more so than in a cancer patient who does not exercise.

Certain types of cancerous tumors create their own tangled web of blood vessels that impedes the flow of blood and oxygen to the tumor. The drugs used for chemotherapy treatment search for tissue that is well oxygenated and has good blood flow. Since the cancerous tumor has created a protective wed of blood vessels and the area receives little blood flow, the chemotherapy drugs can’t reach it and render the drugs ineffective.

Exercise changes all of that. The increased amount of blood and oxygen flow to the tumor which exercise brings about allows the chemo drugs to zero in on their tumor target and shrink it. Exercising while undergoing chemotherapy also improves quality of life, strengthens the body and reduces fatigue.

Dr. Daniel Amen’s Quick Trick Will Bring You Instant Relief From Stress

Dr. Daniel Amen is one of the leading experts when it comes to brain disorders, sports injuries, and brain health in general because he has a unique approach that is based in science with real results. However, while his techniques are based in science, he is also open minded to mediation and breathing techniques that can help improve cognitive health which makes his approach highly specialized and distinctive.

As mentioned in the original Yahoo podcast, Dr. Amen first approached meditation after studying the mind body effects of the Kirtan Kriya yoga meditation. The meditation is a mix of meditation, breathing, and chanting. What he found is that when done on a daily basis there was a significant positive impact on brain health. Dr. Amen also noted that breathing can easily change body function in just a few minutes by reducing tension, anxiety, and many feelings that might leave a person feeling out of control.

His background in neuroscience, psychiatry, and brain health allows him to approach and study many types of brain health and has eventually led to the development of a technique he refers to as 5x2x10. According to this theory, if you start to feel stressed slowly inhale for five seconds and then hold that breathe for two seconds. Following this exhale slowly and repeat ten times in a row. By the time you are done you will feel drastically more relaxed.

Could Meatless Mondays be Good for You?

If you love meat, then you probably don’t like to even think about going a day without it. If you enjoy meat with all of your meals, then meatless Mondays probably sound terrible to you. It seems that going one day without meat could actually be something that is good for you and your body, though, and maybe even something that a meat lover should attempt to do.

Going meatless for one day of the week could help you to live longer. Choosing Monday as the day in which you cut out the meat can help you to live healthier throughout the whole week if Carnegie Mellon University’s study is to be believed, since you will be starting off with a healthy diet. Even if you really love your meat, you might want to consider giving it up for just one day in order to have a healthier future and the chance at a longer life.

New Cholesterol Drugs Coming in the Near Future

New drug research has (hopefully) discovered a new drug that will reduce blood cholesterol, reduce the risk of heart attacks and reduce several other risks of coronary disease. All these benefits comes without the side effects of statin drugs, such as muscle and joint aches.

Many people with high cholesterol can’t take statin drugs, and this new class of drugs will be beneficial not only to them, but also to those who are able to take statin drugs. Brian Torchin said the new drugs are alirocumab and evolocumab, and will be marketed under the names Praluent and Rapatha. The studies show that these two new drugs do a better job of lowering blood cholesterol and preventing heart attacks than the statin drugs which are currently being widely used to control cholesterol.

Study results of these two new cholesterol lowering drugs was published in the New England Journal of Medicine recently. If the drugs are approved by the Food and Drug Administration, they could be available by this summer. Potential side effects, such as confusion and memory loss, are being questioned by the FDA and may hold up the approval of the new drugs.