Nathaniel Ru Sweet Green


Starting a business is not an easy plan to take on. There are a lot of people who dream of starting a great business, but they never get to the next level. If you want to invest in yourself, Nathaniel Ru is a great example to follow. When he first out with his own business, he did not want to invest in something that was not going to work. Nathaniel Ru is a great example of never giving up despite the market looking bad. There are some people who think that Nathaniel Ru has transformed an industry. His company, Sweet Green, is a company that is focused on taking things to the next level with healthy eating. There are few food companies that are focused on this area of the economy. Over the long term, working within the health food industry can be a great way to change people’s lives for the better.


Nathaniel Ru

From the time he was in college, Nathaniel Ru has always wanted to run his own business. There are a lot of people who want to start their own business, but few people have the financial backing to do so. When he first had his idea for Sweet Green, he did not know how to get it to the next level. There are a lot of people who doubted him, especially with a healthy food option in his life. However, he is now looking to take things to the next level with his business. With all of the coming changes in the economy, he is starting to look at the long term picture in his life.


Future Plans

Sweet Green has a lot of growth in the future. The company is doing well by a variety of measures, and many people are looking forward to the innovation that is coming. If you want to start investing in your business, you need to have a plan in place like Nathaniel Ru. He did not just go out and hope that a business would work. He slowly scaled it up from the bottom to get where he is today. If you want to invest in your future, Nathaniel Ru is a great example to follow. Sweet Green is now a leading health food company with a lot of innovation that is coming in the future. Over the long term, this is a great sector to invest in.

Avi Weisfogel and his Passion to Deliver Dentistry Solutions to Patients

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a great dentist from New Jersey. He is recognized for his vast experience in dentistry and ability to handle critical dental problems. In fact, most of the patients whom Dr. Avi has treated are through referrals from other specialists. In his quest to gain more knowledge, he has built interest in oral healthcare. This has made him dedicate 200 hours of his time to study each year.


Avi Weisfogel is a fanatical dentist, and he believes that there are better ways of performing dental procedures. Furthermore, he is passionate to deliver the best services to patients making their lives better. This has led him to find easier ways of handling dental problems.


Dr. Weisfogel Launches the Dental Sleep Masters Company


Avi Weisfogel’s desire to help patients with sleeping syndromes led him in cofounding the Dental Sleep Masters Company based in New Jersey. In partnership with two other dentists, Avi started the business in 2014. This was meant to assist patients with obstreperous sleep apnea. Also, he helped oral healthcare experts improve their practices. Dental Sleep Masters offer patients oral applicators as an alternative to conventional sleep apnea medication.


Moreover, Dr. Avi is a member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM), a non-profit organization that provides dental sleep medication. They treat individuals with snoring and other sleeping disorders. Avi’s affiliation with the AADSM has allowed him to expand his knowledge in developing remedies for his patients.


His Philanthropic Works


Avi Weisfogel has played a great role in supporting the Operation Smile organization by starting a GoFund Me page. Operation Smile was launched in 1980 by William Magee and Kathleen in Philippine. The organization helps young people with problems such as cleft palates, cleft lips, and other facial disfigurements.


Dr. Avi together with Kathleen and William have trained medical staff to handle facial surgeries. Also, they have provided equipment and other supplies. Besides his charitable and dentistry works, Avi is a great fun of the New York Rangers hockey club, which educates and inspires children to participate in sports.

Markus Rothkranz: Eating Out Has Become Easy

A raw vegan lifestyle doesn’t have to limit yourself to just only raw restaurants. Dress up and go out to a nice restaurant. It is as simple as knowing the right foods to eat. To begin, look at the side dishes that come with the meal and the salads. With raw vegan food, avoid all meats, cheeses, and any other animal products. Pick a salad and add any other ingredients that you have noticed on the menu that is guaranteed to be in the kitchen. Focus on only foods that are found in nature. If you want a boost in taste, bring along sea salt and cayenne pepper, which can be easily put into a travel sized pill container. Both salt and cayenne can improve the taste and helps in digestion. Another option if you have trouble with digestive issues is to bring along digestive enzymes. Drink a cup of water one hour prior and drink plenty of water throughout the rest of the day. Or if you want to ensure you don’t have any digestive complications, bring along your enema bag with you whenever you are traveling and eating out. A plus for anyone that is dining out with choosing a vegan dish or opting out of the meat options, you will be saving some money. Don’t worry about if it is organic, just enjoy life. Remember when eating out with a raw vegan diet avoid meat, pasta, bread, milk, and sugar. You don’t want to over stress your liver when it is detoxes.

Markus Rothkranz Clears Up Misconceptions About Enzymes

Many people are confused about the subject of enzymes. Markus Rothkranz is an expert on raw vegan dieting. He recently discussed enzymes on his YouTube channel. He claims that enzymes generally aren’t bad for you. You can’t take too many of them. The human body needs enzymes to function. The body uses enzymes for digestion, metabolic processes and healing.

Markus discussed the subject for a second time to clear up any discrepancies. He clarifies that there are certain times that you should not take enzymes. Enzymes are generally used to break down food. He says that enzymes are best taken with food because they help to break down fibers and make food more easily digestible. Enzymes allow the body to absorb more vitamins and minerals.

He warns that you should not take enzymes while you eat unhealthy food. This is because you will absorb more of the unhealthy ingredients. He says that the body also needs some fiber. It is better to avoid excess enzymes because they will break down almost all fiber. Fiber is needed to promote healthy gut flora. He goes on to say that this is because it is the main thing that probiotic bacteria consume. Probiotic bacteria actually help the digestive system. They help to increase the strength of the immune system. Excess enzymes will starve gut flora. This may actually make it harder to absorb some vitamins within the gut.

He emphasizes that you should take a moderate amount of enzymes while consuming a healthy diet. Excess enzymes may end up being detrimental to your fat loss goals. The key to his approach to taking enzymes is balance. He also states that people who are trying to gain weight should take more enzymes. They shouldn’t be taken across prolonged periods of time because the body also produces its own enzymes.

Wegnie Provides a Dozen Lazy Hacks

Wengie may have been known for beauty products in the past, but right now she is all about hacks. She has presented some great lazy hacks for millennials that are interested in saving money or using alternative methods. A lot of people are interested in these hacks because it makes life easy.




One of the things that she has talked about is wearing a hoodie backwards in order to use it as a bowl for something like popcorn. This is good for people that don’t want to worry about cleaning a bowl. Wengie also presents some lazy hacks for covering up dishes with a printout of the bottom of the sink. Wengie has this type of personality that allows her to present these hacks in a very interesting way. That is what makes her one of the most exciting personalities for YouTube.




Wengie has presented some quick hacks for people that are interested in food when they do not feel like ordering any food. There are all types of combinations of random things in the refrigerator that people can add together to essentially create a quick meal. There are things like cheese and beans that can just be added together and placed in a microwave. Wengie presents a way for people to stay out of the kitchen. She also presented people with ways to mount their iPad screens so they can watch shows.




This is something that Wengie has managed to do well. There are millions of people that have become accustomed to watching her videos. She has a lot of cool editing that makes it look like there are two versions of herself having a conversation.




Wengie has mastered a cool way to edit the videos and make everything look like it is in high definition. This has been the thing that has allowed her to become very popular in a short amount of time. There are a lot of people that look for these videos online. Wengie has a lot of hack videos, and she has continued to thrive as a YouTube personality that provides life hacks.

Dick DeVos Hires a Seasoned CEO to Manage his Company, Stow Company Inc.

Dick DeVos, the owner of Stow Company Inc., has hired Phil Dolci to fill the chief executive officer post previously occupied by Frank Newman. The Stow Company Inc. is one of the biggest companies in home storage and organizational sector. Phil will be heading the Holland-based manufacturer, which is part of the Windquest Group, the Grand Rapids-based holding group. Frank Newman, who is being succeeded by Phil, will be working as a member of the board of advisors. Phil, the 48-year-old CEO, has been working in the manufacturing and marketing business for the last two decades.

DeVos’ statements

According to DeVos, Phil has the knowledge and experience needed to run activities at The Stow Company Inc. He said that the young CEO has been holding top management post in companies such as U.S. Playing Cards, a branch of Jarden Corporation and Sanford, a division of Newell Rubbermaid. This hiring is in line with The Stow Company’s growth plan and commitment to deliver products and services of the greatest quality.

DeVos’ early life and career journey

DeVos was born on October 21, 1955, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is the son of Richard DeVos, the co-founder of Amway Corporation. DeVos is a graduate of Northwood University, and he has received many honorary doctorates from many colleges.

In 1974, Dick DeVos began his career at Amway Corporation, a company partially owned by his father. He worked in various departments for ten years before he was promoted to vice president of the company’s operations in 1984. His promotion equipped him with experience of working in different countries across the globe.

After being employed for 15 years, he decided to start his company, The Windquest Group. His company was involved in manufacturing and marketing of storage and closet organizers. In 1991, he was appointed to oversee operations at a company, bought by his family, known as Orlando Magic Basketball franchise.

In 1993, he was named the CEO and President of Amway Corporation to succeed his father. During his tenure, Alticor Corporation, which housed Amway Corporation, the Access Business Group, and the Quixtar Corporation, was formed. Alticor Corporation expanded to six continents and more than 50 countries. DeVos retired nine years later to focus on his private company, The Windquest Group. He later joined politics and ran for governor of the state of Michigan on the Republican ticket but lost to Jennifer Granholm, the Democrat. DeVos has been a dedicated philanthropist and education reformists.

Christopher Burch Master of Many Investments

Recently, Christopher Burch wrote an article about technology and fashion coming together to create a new style. He talked about the past and the present of technology. Burch touched on the 1970s Boom Box that could come with two cassette decks in order to dub from one cassette to another. This tape recorder that also included an AM/FM radio, has also been used a prop in many films and television shows. Technology soon gave us the Walkman, a small cassette player for playing when one goes jogging or visits the gym. IPods followed with the same versatility as the Walkman, only people could download any kind of collection of songs they wanted from the internet.

Anouk Wipprecht, who’s an avantgarde Dutch designer, has created outfits that have technology included. Wipprecht has designed many technological-fashion outfits, including the drink making dress. It is a leather cocktail dress that contains a pouch with the mixings for the Terroir drink. There is a heart on the dress that can hold a shot glass as the drink is being prepared.

Technology looks towards the future. Technological fashion experts are designing bicycle air bags that can be worn around the neck like a necklace. Another piece of fashion technology is the Google Glass. On one hand a person can see through these glasses. And on the other hand, the glasses have a small computer built into the frame.

Christopher Burch is the CEO and founder of Creative Capital, founded in 2008. He was born in Bryn Mawr, PA on March 28, 1953. He was raised in Wayne PA by an Episcopalian mother and a Roman Catholic father. While an undergraduate at Ithaca College in New York state, Burch started helping his brother Robert sell at sweaters Eagle’s Eye apparel. This was the first business that Christopher Burch helped found.

J Christopher Burch, who makes his home in Miami, FL, isn’t only interested in technological fashion, he also dabbles in real estate. In 2004, he helped to develop the Faena Hotel+Universe in Buenos Ares. He’s also interested in the bottled water industry, founding Voss Water. Burch has his hand in the jewelry industry with the BaubleBar. Celebrities such as Ellen DeGeneres are noticing Burch. Burch joined DeGeneres to launch Lifestyles E.D. that sells clothing for men and women. It also sells housewares that include table cloths and place mats to dress up the eating table.

The Mission Of IAP Worldwide

Those who run any company know that it is important to demonstrate many important qualities. Company officials must be able to help motivate employees and must also be able to demonstrate to clients that they care and adhere to certain basic principles. In order to demonstrate this fact they have come to create certain mission statements on Facebook. Such mission statements fully illustrate the principles that they hope to bring to the table each and every single day. Those atIAP Worldwide, know just how they need to bring value to each customer and the kind of values they want their clients to find in their work. To that end, they have made it easy to discover the kind of mission statements on bloomberg that tell clients exactly what they mean.

Sincere Values

The values that motivate all those at IAP Worldwide include corporate responsibility. They aim to treat all those who work for them and work with them as fairly as possible to enable them to find the kind of help they need from this company. They also aim to adopt the goals of their clients. When a client works with them, they can take pleasure in knowing that the officials at the company are in tune with their needs. The officials here are deeply concerned with what their clients want. They know that they need to see the world through their client’s eyes and work to make that vision a full reality on This means that they work hard to make sure that all of their clients are engaged in relationships that work for both parties.

Taking Leadership Roles

Another important principle that all those at IAP Worldwide aim for each day is to take leadership roles in the company. Such roles include working hard to go above and beyond the needs of the clients and offering them solutions that are new and extremely innovative. This comes from many things. Perhaps the most important motivation and one that helps employees and managers come to work with a smile on their faces is because IAp know that they are part of something larger. Those at IAP Worldwide are part of a tradition that stretches back for many years, allowing them to feel that they standing on the shoulders of others who have helped make the company a better place. They hope to continue doing so in the future as company officials bring them forward.

Why Velventines and Superfoils are the Craze Now


Lime Crime is a line of products which has gained popularity over the years. They have the latest beauty trends which women and men alike find very useful. The company is to be remembered as one of the trendsetters when it comes to the matter lipstick trend that took the beauty market in a storm. There are people who have always been fans and they keep looking out for the products manufactured by the company. The latest products by Lime Crime include the Superfoils eye makeup and the Metallic Velventines.


Lime Crime launched Superfoils recently and the reception was overwhelming. There are fans who were looking for eye makeup that would flatter their eyes while making them stay up to date in metallic trend that is doing rounds nowadays. The application of the product is quite easy and does not take a lot of time. All you have to do is take a bit of the product on your finger or brush. Spray a bit of water onto the product before you apply it on your eyelids, which their Tumblr shows. The product will shine or glitter depending on how much glitter or shine you want.

Metallic Velventines

Another invention by Lime Crime, the metallic Velventines are in the market and everyone is following the craze. Just like the Superfoils, the Velventines are easy to apply too. The only thing you need to do is get a lip liner which is a bit lighter in shade. A few shaded darker than the metallic Velventine is perfect. After you apply the lip liner, you can then fill in your lips with the Velventine of your choice.

The reason why Lime Crime has realized success with most of its products is because they have taken into consideration the needs of their target audience, and what people want to buy on Amazon. The products not only enable you achieve that daring look that you want but it also boosts your confidence and ensures that your lips and eye makeup is on point at all times.  Also be sure to follow Lime Crime on social media, where they have an official Facebook, as well as their Twitter page.

Watch YouTube’s Wengie Create Colorful Unicorn Hair And Hang Out With Max

If you love YouTube, then you must watch Wengie Vlogs, because they feature exciting peeks into the daily lives of Wengie, Max and their two adorable cats Mia and Mikki.

Today, the scene opens to Max at the kitchen counter, trying to separate a small bowl of almonds from the white, peppermint Tic Tacs that got mixed into the stash, when they had to use the Tic Tac bowl for a recent filming segment. Mia gets curious and plants herself to watch by sitting in the dishwasher utensils rack, which happens to be out on the counter.

Next, Max and Wengie finish up filming another vlog segment at a grassy scene at an outside track. Wengie tosses a ball to a dog romping on the lawn there.

At home, the happy couple observe their two cats eating. Wengie keeps petting Mia and watching her tail rise and then fall, again and again. Mia doesn’t mind; she even stands on her tip toes to grab a morsel from Max.

From there, Wengie and Max eat brunch at Frenchy’s Cafe, enjoying quiche, one of their favorite dishes.

Back at home, Wengie begins preparing her super blonde, long hair extensions with temporary candy colors, creating ombre shades of pink, purple, blue and green chalk colors. The extensions look so unicorn pretty. Wengie is going to make a long, high ponytail out of the wefted extensions by keeping them together in a big bunch with a hair band and jaw clip accessory.

Meantime, Max is rolling up the green screen they had on the wall that was used for filming a few shots. For the green screen, they used green gift wrapping paper which worked out great. Mia the cat is freaked out by the green rolled up paper and flinches every time Max teases her with the colored roll. Wengie and Max believe Mia is actually afraid of the color green, since she also fears cucumbers.

Wengie now has the unicorn ponytail on and looks beautiful. The only problem using the chalk colors is the powdery remnants they leave behind.